Real Estate SaaS Platform Development

Web platform with 6 applications for different user types allowing customer work in offline mode.
Desktop Dashboards
Progressive Web Applications
Product Owner Super Admin Cockpit

Overview / Summary

In December of 2019 OSDB team was recommended to our client to work on a complex SaaS portal for the US market.

Having made first touches the client has prepared an RFP document which outlined core features and business requirements they’d like to be delivered.

OSDB team has investigated the requirement and built up a roadmap for the project delivery for the upcoming 6 months starting from the design & investigation stage.

In 6 months the first version of the platform was released for the first users.

Challenge / Business Problem


Having a deep understanding of Real Estate industry and processes which Agencies handle daily, the product owner aimed to create an all-in-one solution for Real Estate agents, their Employees, Tenants, Property Owners and Service Providers which can fix different items and support the properties’ good state.

Each user of the system has to get benefits of using it and resolve their needs quickly.

Solution by OSDB

Having conducted the Business Analysis of the potential users needs the solution was to create Individual Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and Desktop Dashboards for different users type of the Real Estate system:

  • Dashboard for Agency to manage their business and employees
  • – PWA for Property Managers who are in charge of particular properties
  • – PWA for Tenants to communicate with Property Managers
  • – PWA for Property Owners to overview the state of their Property Portfolio
  • – PWA for Service Suppliers to instantly work with the Service Requests
  • – Dashboard for Service Suppliers to overview their data and manage Cashflow they earn from the platform
  • – Dashboard for Product Owner to manage all the processes


The client required a rapid and cost-effective development to get release to the market within the shortest terms. It’s a well known fact that Native Mobile Applications require additional work on submitting those to App Store & Google Play Market.

Meanwhile, PWA allows users to enjoy the benefits of the mobile application on their device without the need to download it though it’s saved on the Homescreen as an app.

Tech Stack We Used

Tech Stack – we’re firmly focused on our tech stack choice which is approved by more than 100 of scalable live apps worldwide delivered by OSDB company.

React (TypeScript)
Material UI, Styled Components
Java 14
Spring Framework (Boot, Data, Security)
MySQL, Liquibase
Maven, Docker

Project Team

2 Backend Developers
3 Frontend Developers
DevOps, Designer, QA
Project Manager
Real Estate SaaS Platform

Results / Samples

Prototyped, Iterated and Developed on time
Offline Mode implemented within 2 weeks
Prepared a separate ready-for-demo environment