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Why is payment system integration necessary for your project?

It is a payment processing feature that allows businesses to accept debit cards, credit cards, or any other online payment.
Key features:
Ease and speed of service connection
Boosts customer confidence
Increases your revenue streams
Decreases the risk of security breaches
Provides automation & saves time
Avoids expensive data breaches
Streamline payment processing

The payment gateway will assist you to have

  • Online consumer authentication
  • Multi-currency, real-time transactions
  • Custom payment solutions
  • Real-time reporting and reconciliation
  • Automatic recurring billing option
  • Powerful fraud management system
  • Alternative payment options

Here is how payment integration services work

The payment gateway focuses on protecting the confidential information provided by the user throughout the entire process.

Step 1

The customers place their order and then click submit.

Step 2

Once this happens, the website or e-commerce platform directs the customers to the payment gateway, where they enter all the necessary information about the bank or card they are using to pay.

Step 3

After the payment gateway receives the transaction's approval, the bank then checks if the customer has enough account balance for the transaction to be successful.

Step 4

The payment gateway sends a message to the merchant.

Step 5

The bank settles with the payment gateway, which, in turn, pays with the merchant.


payment gateway services we provide

Stripe integration services

We quickly connect Stripe for any transactions and handle any payment case for a smooth user experience.

PayPal integration services

We provide effective online payment gateway integration services to integrate your website or shopping cart with PayPal.

Payment gateway processing services

We provide the excellent support you need to make payments on the go.

Payment gateway integration services

If you don't want to build and maintain a payment gateway, we offer turnkey solutions that take most of this work out of your hands.

Payment processing security solutions

A reliable security system protects each solution.

Contactless payments

Cashless payment solutions simplify and speed up the transfer of money between different parties while reducing the need for any physical contact.

Payment gateway development solutions

Designing affordable custom payment gateways that help reduce payment processing costs.

Fraud protection in payment processing

Protect your customers by making your payment information more secure.

Digital/mobile wallets

Convenient, fast, and secure electronic transactions.

Advantages of payment gateway development services

Integration of payment gateway with your business and website
Phone billing and SMS billing facility
Online merchant platform development
Multiple transactions support
One-click virtual terminal and issue of credits
Shopping cart integration
Recurring billing
Currency conversion facility
Technical support and customer care services

Why you should hire us for

payment gateway integration

Using a payment gateway can help to lessen the frequency and severity of credit cards. The payment gateway makes sure that customer data is encrypted and secure.
A payment gateway allows merchants to process credit, debit, and other alternative online payments.
Supports multiple credit cards in a single transaction — this gives customers the flexibility to make their payment using different cards if they don't want to put the entire amount on one card.
The integration will help you to manage the current stock balance quickly, avoid problems with dissatisfied customers who have ordered the goods, even though the goods are not available.

Our systems are secure

OSDB has proven experience with the following security features/standards:
Only HTTPS/SSL connection for the app, which provides encrypted data transmission between users and servers.
Our databases are encrypted and available only inside an app infrastructure isolated private network, protecting data from network attacks while keeping the user’s data safe.
3D Secure protocol, designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions. The name refers to the "three domains" which interact using the protocol: the merchant/acquirer domain, the issuer domain, and the interoperability domain.
Only the trusted DevOps team of the company has access to the production environments of the app. We don’t share accesses with developers or other people for security reasons until explicitly negotiated with the client.
PCI DSS Compliance Level 1 backed by Stripe or PayPal — both comply with the most stringent certification level in the payment industry.
All the most sensitive information about user’s payment info is encrypted and handled by our integrated payment gateways like Stripe.

The most beloved technology for payments in our company is Stripe.

It is a big pleasure to work with Stripe because it has great documentation and support, looks modern and beautiful, and works just awesome while providing the most complex payment scenarios possible for any app.

It also provides a very powerful dashboard and analytics about transactions right away for free.

We also work with PayPal, MangoPay, and other local payment providers (WayForPay, LiqPay, etc.) in cases where Stripe is not a good option for a product.

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