User Interface Development and UI/UX Design Services

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User Interface development and UI/UX design services

What are UI design services?

The user interface is a visual interface for software and websites that grabs the viewer’s attention. UI design is concerned with creating a graphical layout for an application or website. The user interface aims to make user interaction efficient and straightforward.

For a better result, we recommend hiring an experienced user interface design firm.

There are several critical benefits of UI development services in the MVP process:

Ensure MVP design

reflects your core values, evokes the right emotions, and focuses on designing features that reflect your hypothesis.

Thanks to this approach,

you minimize the number of working hours your team will spend on developing unnecessary functionality.

Developers will focus

on learning the technology and functionality required to launch a product.

What are the UX design services?

User experience refers to any user interaction with a product or service. The main goal of UX design is to create a simple, convenient, and enjoyable experience for the user.

UX design firm combines strategy, market research, and development to create great user experiences for services, products, and processes.

This approach produces digital products that are functional, attractive, and intuitive for the end-user.

UX design
Market research

Why is UX design important?

Better ROI
Reduced development and maintenance costs
Higher customer loyalty
Increased productivity and sales

The critical elements

of user interface development services for web and mobile applications


Based on the business goals, identify the basic needs of the users.


Estimate the amount of functionality for your platform based on the functional requirements.


Shows all the necessary functions that will display its central idea and are needed to launch the product.


The framework includes interaction design and information architecture. It covers all kinds of user interaction scenarios.

How we create a great user experience for your platform

We create the optimal intersection between business goals and user needs by providing mobile and web UI/UX design services.


The team's specialists study the market and potential competitors to adopt the practices of leading companies and the best UI/UX development services. With this approach, your platform will be competitive and responsive to market trends.

Prototype & Strategy

Before developing an application, a prototype is created to see how the product will look, how the main functions will work, and to make adjustments at the initial stage. Our dedicated design team ensures user engagement across all channels and helps to create competitive digital solutions.

UI/UX design

Designers begin to render all elements of the platform. At this stage, the platform takes its final form.

Success Stories

Exclusive Rental

Real Estate tool for managing leads and leases.


One of Canadian Real Estate businesses with more than ten years of experience decided to create their platform solution for their processes with a smooth and modern user experience.

They have been using an online tool for many years, stopped supporting the user experience, and had a terrible mobile version.


OSDB’s team conducted in-depth interviews with the product owner and top manager using the app, and we found the core issue we need to resolve: data storage efficiency. It appeared that the most harmful point was that they could not quickly and efficiently check the archives of their deals and get insights on the statistics of those.

We’ve approached the core issues and modern must-haves like mobile versions and created a new user-friendly design that allowed the product owner to get insightful data and operate there efficiently daily.

Name under NDA

Human Resources System


One of the US-based companies has been using Google Sheets for managing their HR processes. It happened that their size was more than 100 employees already, and they understood their methods were not efficient enough.


OSDB’s team conducted interviews with the product owner and employees of the company to understand their needs. Having those details and our experience in creating HRM Platforms, we’ve designed and developed an easy-to-navigate web application convenient for users of any computer-fluency.

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