Prototype Development Services

Prototype Development Services

for Platforms Who Focus on Users

What is a Prototype?

Сlickable prototype development is an interactive model of any platform that costs a fraction of a platform's actual development but allows you to test your idea with potential clients or get funding to build your application.

Types of Prototypes We Provide

Visual concept prototypes

Test your hypothesis, update the application functionality and improve the customer journey.

Functional prototypes

Eliminate possible risks and check the functionality of your product at every step of use.

Pre-production prototypes

The highest quality product prototype. These are ideal for products with a high probability of going to market.

Wireframe and prototyping services

  • Develop information architecture and application layout.
  • Share the proposed data structure and critical design features.
  • Make interactive prototypes.
  • Testing.
  • Bring frameworks and prototypes to the maximum level of usability.

Advantages of good prototype

Best return on investment
Higher customer loyalty
Higher customer engagement
Reduced development and maintenance costs
Increased income
Better ROI
Increased productivity and sales

Prototype services for your industry

Business Management

Real Estate platforms



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