Calxpress – Real Estate Management Tool

Automated Email Campaigns & Google Calendar Integration

Web platform for managing sales department, prospects and properties in Real Estate business.
Case Study

Overview / Summary

The platform implementation fully eliminated MANUAL sending of 1600 documents to the prospects and replaced it with automatic signature gathering.

Gathered all data in one place (instead of storing prospects , contracts and leasing details in 3 different websites) .
Sales department efficiency increased.


Challenge /
Business Problem

Real Estate business team used an outdated SaaS web application which was not supported for several years. It had a terrible mobile version experience.

That’s why our Canadian Real Estate businesses with more than ten years of experience decided to create their platform solution for their processes with a smooth and modern user experience.

Solution by OSDB

OSDB’s team conducted in-depth interviews with the product owner and top manager using the app, and we found the core issue we need to resolve: data storage efficiency. It appeared that the most harmful point was that they could not quickly and efficiently check the archives of their deals and get insights on the statistics of those.

Another pain-point which we have discovered is that they had a procedure of a MANUAL sending 1600 documents per each 6 months period with a team of 10 people.

We’ve approached the core issues and modern must-haves like mobile versions and created a new user-friendly design that allowed the product owner to get insightful data and operate there efficiently daily.

We have also applied PWA’s features to ensure their staff is easily using the app on a daily basis with their smartphones.

Project Team

2 Backend Developers
2 Frontend Developers
DevOps, Designer, QA
Project Manager
<span>Project</span> Team

Tech Stack We Used

Tech Stack – we’re firmly focused on our tech stack choice which is approved by more than 100 of scalable live apps worldwide delivered by OSDB company.

  • React (TypeScript)
  • Material UI, Styled Components
  • Java 14
  • Spring Framework (Boot, Data, Security)
  • MySQL, Liquibase
  • Maven, Docker

Results / Samples

Custom booking system (similar to Google Calendar)
Automated documents email campaigns
Automated EMAIL & SMS notifications and follow ups which can have custom unique rules and triggers

Relevant Case Stadies

Real Estate Portal

Real Estate Portal

Real Estate SaaS platform development services
  • UX/UI
  • React.js
  • Typescript
  • Java
A web platform with six applications for different user types allowing customers to work offline.

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