Workus – HRM System

Software as a Service Platform

Java 14
HRM platform for managing Employees on a daily basis: Vacations, Salaries, 1:1 and Documents Storage.

Overview / Summary

Have you ever had a thought that Google Spreadsheets are not effective anymore for your processes?

This kind of though the client of ours had: an IT company he’s leading was getting bigger on a daily basis and the question was if they should find a SaaS platform and pay on a monthly basis or build their own.

They have researched the market looking for a solution for their specific needs and in parallel they have contacted with us to build an HRM platform from scratch. As they had unique cases and they targeted to have this application as a new business, they have decided to develop the platform with OSDB team.


Challenge / Business Problem

Our client was not sure if it’s worth investing into the application for his business only. That’s why the app was initially designed in a way it can be used by dozens of other companies which will be paying on the subscription basis.


The client received a web application capable of resolving all of its business tasks in a flexible manner. They have also started making demo’s to other market players to get them aboard onto this SaaS business.

  • A Convenient Web Application for business needs
  • A new SaaS business

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